Carol's Quilt Gallery

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This page is all about my other hobby: quilting. I've taken it up with a vengeance...
Click on any of the images below to see larger versions of the same photos.

A Morris and Sword dance t-shirt quilt

My friends (Amy McFarland and Maria
Terres) and I made this quilt for a
fundraising auction at Folklore Village.

My version of an Andy Warhol-style
print in fabric, loosely modeled on the
logo from Pinewoods Camp, Inc.

I liked the Pinewoods quilt so much
that I made one for myself, too. (I gave
the first one away.)

Here's a variant on a 9-patch pattern
inspired by some gorgeous fabrics.

A "Trip Around the World" quilt with
an ocean theme, for my niece, Ella.

My mother-in-law and I are holding up the
blooming 9-patch I made for her.

A quilt with a jungle theme, for my
nephew, Kevin. The block is called
"puss in the corner."

The quilt I made for Dave Langford, in
exchange for many fine fiddle lessons.

Amy & Maria & I made this as a
wedding present for our friends Bill & Isa.

I made a bunch of potholders as
presents for the holiday season last winter.

A baby quilt for friends.

Another quilt for a Folklore Village fundraiser,
with Amy McFarland and Maria Terres.

Another baby quilt for friends.
Also a collaborative project, with
Amy McFarland and Maria Terres.

Batiks. Nine-patches. Just because.

I had some pieces left over from the
previous project, so I made a lap quilt.

Lap quilt. Because it's cold in Wisconsin.

A baby quilt for friends.

Amy & I coordinated a friendship
quilt for Maria's birthday.

The center panel for this is a batik I bought in
India in 1989. I finally found a good use for it.

The first of many music-
themed quilts, I suspect.

The second music-themed quilt,
for musician friends' baby.

Yet another quilt for a Folklore Village fundraiser,
and another collaboration with Amy and Maria.

A wallhanging for a Folklore Village fundraiser;
Maria Terres made the center panel.