With the Latter Day Lizards, 2007

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Videos of me calling:
With the Latter Day Lizards, at Glen Echo
With Alan Roberts, Sande Gillette, and Eric Anderson, in New Mexico
With Larry Unger, Elke Baker, and Ken Kolodner, at Glen Echo
With the Percolators, in Alaska

Weekends, festivals and weeks I've called, up to 2012.
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11 March, 2017 Kalamazoo afternoon English Country dance, with music by Earl Gaddis, Susie Lorand, and Josh Burdick Kalamazoo, MI
11 March, 2017 Kalamazoo contra/square dance, with music by The Johns Kalamazoo, MI
12 March, 2017 Kalamazoo advanced contra/square dance, with music by The Johns Kalamazoo, MI
13 March, 2017 Square Dance Kalamazoo, with music by The Johns Kalamazoo, MI
7-9 April, 2017 Call of the Loon dance weekend, with David Millstone, the Latter Day Lizards, and Northern Aire Minneapolis, MN
19-21 May, 2017 Blue Moon dance weekend, with Wild Rumpus Huntsville, AL
21-23 July, 2017 Summerfestival in Denmark, with Geoff Cubitt, Vertical Expression, and the English Contra Dance Band Hoejer, Denmark!
13-20 August, 2017 CDSS Dance, Music and Spice Week at Camp Cavell, with a fabulous staff:
Kate Barnes, Sam Bartlett, Dan Blim, Deborah and Karl Clark Colon, Earl Gaddis,
Dave Langford, Jeanne Morrill, Steve Pike, Eric Schedler, Bill Tomczak.
Plus Jamie Platt on sound and Chef Herb Stokes in the kitchen!
Lexington, MI
30 September, 2017 Leeds contra dance England
1 October, 2017 Brummie contra dance England
2-6 October, 2017 A week at Halsway Manor England
6 October, 2017 Alcester contra dance England
12-13 January, 2018 Phoenix Winter Frolic, with the Free Raisins Phoenix, AZ