With the Latter Day Lizards, 2007

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Videos of me calling:
With the Latter Day Lizards, at Glen Echo
With Alan Roberts, Sande Gillette, and Eric Anderson, in New Mexico
With Larry Unger, Elke Baker, and Ken Kolodner, at Glen Echo
With the Percolators, in Alaska

Weekends, festivals and weeks I've called, up to 2012.
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24 May, 2018 Pre-camp contra dance Anchorage, AK
25-28 May, 2018 Dancing Bears contra/square dance weekend Wasilla, AK
12-19 August, 2018 CDSS Dance, Music and Spice Week at Camp Cavell, with a fabulous staff:
Kathy Anderson, Karen Axelrod, Brad Battey, Daron Douglas, Gaye Fifer,
Karen Ann Hoffman, Audrey Knuth, Dave Landreth, Kendall Rogers,
Steve Rosen, Chirps Smith, Larry Unger, and yours truly.
Plus Jamie Platt on sound!
Lexington, MI
7-9 September, 2018 FootFall dance weekend, with the Ripples, the Organic Family Band, Shandy,
Ted Hodapp, and Melissa Running
Timber Ridge Camp,
High View, WV
23-29 June, 2019 Lady of the Lake June Camp, with other staff TBA Coeur d'Alene, ID
11-15 May, 2020 Halsway Manor England