With the Latter Day Lizards, 2007

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Videos of me calling:
With the Latter Day Lizards, at Glen Echo
With Alan Roberts, Sande Gillette, and Eric Anderson, in New Mexico
With Larry Unger, Elke Baker, and Ken Kolodner, at Glen Echo
With the Percolators, in Alaska

Weekends, festivals and weeks I've called, up to 2018.
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11 January, 2020 Queer Contra, with Jan Murphy, Bill Obermeyer, and Steve Pierick Madison, WI
15 February, 2020 3rd Saturday Contra, with Thirsty Roots Madison, WI
7 March, 2020 1st Saturday Contra, with Rare Privilege Delafield, WI
17-21 May, 2021 Contra week at Halsway Manor England
28-30 May, 2021 Silkeborg contra dance weekend Denmark
24-26 September, 2021 MDH Fall Weekend at Camp Cavell Lexington, MI