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In addition to my busy calling schedule, I'm in several bands that play for
contra and English Country dances in Madison, WI.

Stupid trombone tricks

The Gatecrashers

Bill Obermeyer, banjos, guitar, mandolin, and harmonicas
Carol Ormand, fiddle
Steve Pierick, fiddle and viola
Matt Schaefer, string bass and barritone saxophone

An outgrowth of the Madison Open Band (aka "The MOB") at the Gates of Heaven, the Gatecrashers play a wide variety of musical styles and flavors, from sweet and smooth to growly and driving, always looking for tunes that will match the dance.

The Madison Open Band (aka "The MOB")

Members: anyone who shows up with one or more instruments.
Pictured here, from left to right: Isa, Eric, Matt, Michael, Bill, Steve, and Carol

You can hear us every Tuesday night at the Gates of Heaven.

Toad in the Hole

Mike Briggs, keyboard
Carol Ormand, fiddle

We both love playing English Country dance music, so we've taken to playing it at dances. I'll get somebody to take a photo of us one of these days.

You can hear us on the 3rd Mondays of most months, at the Madison English Country Dance.